Zango Kataf residents abandon farmlands following attacks- ACDA


Residents of Atyap chiefdom are abandoning their homes and farmlands following alleged gunmen attacked that have led to loss of lives and properties, the Atyap Community Development Association (ACDA) in southern Kaduna have alleged.

President of ACDA, Comrade Samuel T. Achie while briefing journalists in Kaduna on the recent “onslaught” on the chiefdom by people he described as “agents of darkness” explained that their assailants had also destroyed crops and places of worship.

He said the attacks span across the entire chiefdom adding that it goes beyond banditry to what he described as a premeditated attempt to wipe out the Atyap people.

“We are bittered, all schools in the area are closed down, our children can no longer go to school hence creating a humanitarian crisis for all the displaced people in the land,” he said.

Achie said despite all the nefarious activities that the Atyap people were exposed to, they have been law-abiding which is why they are forced to ask why they are have been left alone to carry their cross.

He further urged the state government to provide more troops, humanitarian relief materials and a peaceful atmosphere for all the people in the area.

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