Banditry: ‘No military can win Guerilla warfare. Sheikh Gumi cautions


Kaduna renowned Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmed Gumi ,has cautioned that no military can win a Guerilla warfare.

Gumi stated this in a Facebook post titled ‘ZAMFARA: THE FLARING OF CRISIS’ posted on his page.

Gumi who was speaking on the backdrop of the government decisions to militarily clampdown on the bandits stressed that conflict can only be resolved by active engagement of the government with the agitators.

He noted military actions in the past have worsen the situation stimulating herdsmen resistance, saying any more action will push them closer to religious fanaticism.

“Now with the prodding of the government to take more military actions of an already ugly situation whereby they were left to amass weapons, a huge military budget that is almost draining the economy to a standstill in the purchase of fighter aircrafts and conducting military operations in the region has become to the authorities in their calculations a necessity”

“Unfortunately , this is no solution or wisdom. When you don’t have the monopoly of the instruments of violence, then dialogue has the monopoly of resolving the conflict. This is what the UN is all about. i.e., Roundtable resolution of conflicts. What we are seeing is more than just criminals and criminality, yes it may have started as such but like any conflict, it is dynamic”, he said

Gumi said the conflict can be resolved by active engagement of the government with the agitators. Just as how ENDSAR agitation was swiftly managed after an initial scandalous failed military confrontation, was peacefully resolved by the government, likewise, the herdsmen crisis can be.

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